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SIGMAFLEX has fully equipped facilities for designing and manufacturing of singleply or multiply Piping Bellows Expansion Joints, Square and Rectangular Ducting Bellows, Soft Instrumentation Bellows and S/S Flexible Hose assemblies. Our line includes wide variety of types, sizes and configuration which are used in literally thousands of applications.

Our Engineering Staff is always available to offer expert advice on any Piping Flexibility, Vibration Eliminator application. They assure selection of the best material, configuration, and fittings for each application.

Single, Double Expansion Joints, Universal, Hinged, Gimbal and Pressure Balanced Expansion Joints are designed on Computers to ensure economical design with maximum cycle life.
Quality Control is one of our most important functions along with design and manufacturing. All material used must pass rigid quality standards. Products are produced by experienced craftsmen and tested during each stage of production. Bellow is D.P. Tested before and after formation. Upon completion, each finished assembly is Hydrostatically /Pneumatically tested to ensure it will withstand all designed requirements. We can also offer third party inspection.
At Sigmaflex Engineering Pvt. Ltd., our major concern is customers service in the most prompt, efficient and courteous manner possible. We take pride in being able to process most of orders in a matter of days, instead of weeks or months.
Designed and manufactured as per E.J.M.A. and A.S.M.E. codes, section III & VIII.
Computerised detail stress analysis with cycle life.
Single and multiply construction.
Single, Double, Universal, Gimbal, Hinged and Pressure balanced construction.
Specialised Instrumentation Bellows for highly flexible application.
S/S Jacketed Flexible metal Hose assemblies.
Approved by LLoyd's, NPC and major consultants.
SIZE : 1600 NB
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